Celebrating is a serious matter

Food for thought

Can you imagine a celebration where there was nothing to eat? Us neither. And one where the food wasn’t excellent? We’r rather not either. We are aware of the importance of the food at any celebration and our experience and the training of our staff guarantees high satisfaction in this regard, so essential in any celebration.

The space you need

Different rooms. Versatile, open-plan, intimate, indoors or outdoors. We are going to give you the space you need so that everything looks as well as it deserves to. From a family dinner to an event with 300 diners, we have the place to cater for all needs.

One detail, no: thousands.

After so many years organising dinners, communions, social or work meetings, birthdays and any other type of celebration, we know that all the important details must be perfect, but also that the important thing is to attend to those things that do not seem to be so. The details distinguish an exceptional event from a good one. We are people who are focused on details.

With our own names

Angel, Tamara, Ana and Borja. These are just some of the names. Your celebration is also theirs because they enjoy what they do. They will work with the goal of making everything perfect and the conviction that it will be so. They know the spaces, the needs, the particularities of each celebration and know how to anticipate and respond to each of them.

What are we celebrating?

First of all, we are celebrating that there are always reasons to get together with those we cherish. An anniversary, a baptism, a retirement, a meeting of friends, a birthday, a meeting of co-workers, an exam result or simply that we wanted to see someone again. We do not need a special excuse. Only the desire to celebrate. We will help you.

  • Dimensiones
  • Cóctel
  • Teatro
  • Escuela
  • Imperial
  • Banquete
  • Salón Los Limoneros
  • 40 m2
  • 50
  • 45
  • 25
  • 25
  • 30
  • S. Padre Pacífico
  • 338 m2
  • 230+220
  • 200+150
  • 85+70
  • 60+60
  • 150+150
  • Salón La Campana
  • 126 m2
  • 150
  • 90
  • 50
  • 40
  • 65
  • Salón Don Manuel
  • 157 m2
  • 200
  • 35
  • 70
  • Salón San Antonio
  • 160 m2
  • 250
  • 80
  • 150
  • Salón Biblioteca
  • 113 m2
  • 100
  • 70
  • 50
  • Nuestro Gastrobar
  • 113 m2
  • 100
  • 70
  • 50


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